Positive GB3 season and Jack Cavill Pole Position Cup.

Positive GB3 season and Jack Cavill Pole Position Cup.

A positive GB3 season ends with Callum 4th overall in the Championship and winning the coveted Jack Cavill Pole Position Cup.

In a season that had several highlights, Callum had the most pole positions in qualifying of the season – five – which set the grid for the first two races of each weekend. He shares this honour with overall GB3 winner Luke Browning, however, it was Callum that won the Jack Cavill Pole Position Cup, as he took more race-one poles with three, opposed to Browning’s two. Callum therefore won the end of year prize, adding that to his tally of £1,250 for the season as a whole.

Callum also achieved the most “fastest laps” – five – also shared with Browning, with GB3 runner-up Granfors their nearest contender, with the Swede taking three.

Callum won three races overall (four if you count the Spa race which was cruelly robbed due to organisers mistakes) an excellent achievement given the extraordinary competition of this year’s grid and considering 13 drivers won races. He also achieved six podiums overall.

Overall, a very positive season with Callum now looking forward to a further season in single seaters in 2023.

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